Yoga is the possibility of living and aging gracefully.  The practice of hatha yoga, the physical postures, is both gentle and challenging and has evolved over 6 thousand years as a rigorous and powerful system that enables you to have a deeper and more conscious relationship with your body. This expanded awareness naturally inspires you to eating better, feeling stronger, being more flexible in body and mind, and a more profound sense of well being.

The less visible yet more powerful aspect of a yoga practice is rooted in Svadhyaya or self – examination. This is the foundation of the process.  As you practice you become more aware of your body, your breath and the nature of your mind, so that  you become a different Observer of yourself. Consequently you become less attached to any negative patterns , and become more able to live a more  balanced, accepting, and compassionate life. You experience yourself as a being that is more open, present, and connected and, more response-able for who you are and what you bring to life.